Posted by: bschutzgruber | August 11, 2019

AGWSD Summer School – York Part 3

Tapestry to Dye For with Dot Seddon

Day 5
Everyone in the class was now weaving….

…everyone except me. I don’t do much dyeing at home so I chose to take advantage of the dye studio setup as long as I could!  I dyed several skeins of black, a dark green, and several shades of brown.


We had several more sessions with Dot explaining different elements of design.

My final experiment in dyeing was to compare a loosely wound skein vs a very tightly twisted one. The results were interesting.

Late afternoon the Trade Fair opened.


The day ended with an informal fashion show were attendees have a chance to show what they’ve been creating over the last 2 years.

Afterwards I gave a storytelling performance.

Day 6
More weaving….

And I finished winding the rest of my ‘newly dyed this week’ skeins into balls.

The afternoon is open to the public for a walk-about to see what all the classes have been doing so time to clean up my station. Not much weaving on the loom (I DID get it warped!) but lots of wonderful colors that I’ll be using for a future tapestry.

Late afternoon it was time to pack everything up and empty the room.

A gala dinner, for which I wore some of my work, and ceilidh with music by Fiddlerswreck Ceilidh Band (and oh did we dance!) brought the week to a glorious finale.

What can I say….this has been a week of:
Renewing past and creating new friendships
Learning and becoming more confident in new skills
Being surrounded by a vast array of creativity & inspiration

It has been BRILLIANT!!


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  1. What a glorious week! The colors are marvelous. The fashion show looked unique and spectacular. What story did you tell? So nice to get a photo of you.

    • Hi Lila-
      Sorry for the delay in responding I was traveling the west coast of Scotland in the Highlands and internet service was a bit sporatic!
      I told several stories during my 45 minute performance time after the fashion show:
      A ballad ‘The Lady Mole’
      A combination of variants of ‘The 3 Spinners/Aunts’
      An original string story (see my video samples on the Storytelling Media page)
      A version of ‘The Handless Maiden'(using sections from 9 different versions from around the world)
      A personal story of resilience ‘Acme Tattoo Parlor’
      A west African folktale ‘The Cowtail Switch’

  2. Thanks for the lovely posts about Summer School. It really looks like fun.

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