Posted by: bschutzgruber | June 28, 2016

Preconceived vs Surprise!

Earlier this month I attended a mandala rug workshop with Australian felt artisan Martien van Zuilen.  ‘Mandala’ is Sanskrit meaning disk or circle.  Martien’s method is one of evolution (verse working out the design in advance) which really resonated with me and I learned several new ways of doing things.

Seeing my mandala come into being had some nerve-wracking moments – especially at the end of Day 1 when I began to regret my color choices!  BUT…. as the workshop continued my excitement grew as my design expanded, changed, and yes….. everything came together.  Thank you, Dawn Edwards, for arranging the workshop!

I am so pleased with the final result – ‘Celestial Navigation’.

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  1. Very cool!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing it in the felt.

    • “… seeing it the felt” = Nice one, Yvonne!!! 🙂

  3. Wow! That’s quite a change from beginning to end. Great piece Barbara, I really like it 😄

  4. What an amazing transformation and evolution – breathtaking work, Barb!



    From: Barbara Schutzgruber – Storyteller & Weaver [] Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 8:47 PM To: Subject: [New post] Preconceived vs Surprise!

    bschutzgruber posted: “Earlier this month I attended a mandala rug workshop with Australian felt artisan Martien van Zuilen. ‘Mandala’ is Sanskrit meaning disk or circle. Martien’s method is one of evolution (verse working out the design in advance) which really resonated wit”

    • Thanks, Jen. Looking forward to your workshop in Kansas City!!

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