Posted by: bschutzgruber | September 8, 2013

Weaving in Wales – Off the floor and onto the bench….

With my landscape finished plus a spacer in place….

Thursday morning I ‘moved up in the world’ —  from sitting on the floor to sitting on the bench = YEA!  This bench is designed so the seat can be moved higher as the weaving moves up the loom.

2_on the bench  3_bench  4_bench

In designing my next project, I wanted to continue working on achieving a sense of depth to the tapestry, plus I added working on being less literal in my interpretation of my starting photograph.

One of my favorite photos is one I took from the castle rooftop of the market square in Norwich England.

5_Norwich rooftops

I love the shapes, lines, and colors but have never succeeded in getting a good starting sketch because there’s so much going on in the photo.  I decided to focus on one set of rooftops, outlining the basic shapes, tracing a cartoon, then transferring those shapes onto the warp yarns.

6_rooftops start  7_rooftops outline  8_marking the warp

I started weaving using a range of colors which really helped me to be less literal and stay focused on the shadows and angles of the roof lines – moving from ‘Norwich rooftops’ to simply ‘Rooftops’.

9_weaving  10_rooftops weaving


11_workstation  12_weaving

And by Saturday morning I was weaving the final section to finish the piece.


Rooftops 4″ x 4″


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Lovely times and lovely weaving! I admire your creative genius!

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